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Finding and working with a lawyer can be a daunting task. This is especially true when you must find one with experience dealing with governmental regulatory agencies on matters that could affect the future of your company.  Many large law firms claim to have such expertise, but often their dealings with regulatory agencies are sporadic and result from their normal corporate or real estate practice. 

Curtis Coleman spent 15 years as governmental agency counsel, including 10 as Chief Counsel at the South Coast Air Quality Management District.  Since he entered private practice in 1990, he has represented scores of private and public agency clients on environmental issues. He works with several industry trade associations on their environmental concerns.  As a sole practitioner, he will handle your problems personally. This is not a full-service firm. His practice is strictly limited to environmental law, with a heavy concentration on air quality regulation and CEQA issues.  He can often find cost-effective solutions to problems posed by proposed, threatened, or completed regulatory agency actions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we might help you resolve a regulatory problem you are facing.


Firm History



After leaving government practice in 1990, Curtis Coleman experienced private practice in a medium-sized Los Angeles firm and a large national firm.  He found that most of his clients did not need the services of a large firm, but rather sought out his unique expertise and experience to deal with specific regulatory problems.  Additionally, the potential conflicts of interest inherent in national practices serving thousands of clients made it difficult for him to expeditiously begin work for new clients.

In July of 1994, Mr. Coleman opened his own law office and has been providing focused and effective legal services to small, medium, and large businesses ever since.


Our Firm's Mission


The mission of our firm is to provide our clients with the highest level of personal and professional service for their legal needs on environmental matters.  With comparatively low overhead and an absence of pressure to generate large billings, our rates and fees compare favorably to other attorneys with equivalent experience and standing in the field.   Please contact us to discuss any specific situation to see how we may be able to assist in reaching a resolution.

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How We Can Help You

Law firms can specialize in a wide range of areas. Generally, they are not equally strong in all practice areas. We do not pretend to be proficient over the full spectrum of legal services. Our practice is strictly limited to environmental law, with a heavy concentration in the following areas:

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Curtis L. Coleman heads the Law Offices of Curtis L. Coleman in West Los Angeles and concentrates his practice in the area of environmental law. He has a unique expertise in air quality law and regulation, having worked on air quality regulatory matters in both the public and private sectors since 1975. He was former General Counsel for the South Coast Air Quality Management District from 1980-1990, where he worked closely with the South Coast district board and staff, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the California Air Resources Board (ARB), in the development of air quality regulations and air quality management plans.


Since leaving the South Coast district, he has represented numerous private companies and public agencies in matters involving development of air quality regulations, environmental permitting and compliance issues, hazardous substance remediation, land use permitting, and CEQA counseling and litigation. Currently, he is representing clients on Title V permitting and RECLAIM permitting and transition issues and is closely following the implementation of AB617. He serves on the South Coast district’s Home Rule Advisory Group, AQMP Advisory Group, Clean Communities Working Group, RECLAIM Working Group, and Budget Advisory Committee.


Mr. Coleman is the Executive Director of the Southern California Air Quality Alliance, a Section 501(c)(6) business league. Mr. Coleman is the author of "Guide to Air Quality Regulation" published in the CEB Land Use and Environment Forum. He has also authored articles on indirect source controls, transportation control measures, air quality permitting under Title V of the 1990 Clean Air Act amendments, and the South Coast district's RECLAIM program.


Mr. Coleman was Assistant District Counsel at the South Coast district from 1977 to 1980 and a Deputy County Counsel for the County of Los Angeles from 1975 to 1977. He received a B.S. in Chemistry in 1970 from Santa Clara University, and a J.D. cum laude in 1973 from the Santa Clara University School of Law.

Curriculum Vitae of Curtis L. Coleman



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(PDF version here)


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October 23, 1994
California State Bar Association Environmental Law Institute, Fish Camp, CA
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